I’ve seen their flyers at Porta Vaga (Baguio) once or twice over. But i never got around into locating their office, we’ll not until I found myself literally accross the doors while buying whole wheat bread and organic vegetables for my father.
The name of their organization by itself says it all — Stop the Abuse and Violence our Against Women, Inc (SAVE Our Women., Inc). It is a non-stock, non-profit, non-sectarian and non-political organization of dedicated women and men that aims to further the advocacy AGAINST Violence Agaisnt Women and their Children (VAW-C).

SAVE Our Women regularly holds coffee sessions with victim survivors of violence and domestic abuse. The group conducts various forum, information seminars and even public debates regarding Violence Against Women. These talks are usually in coordination with other socio-civic organizations, schools and like minded groups. They also provide physical assistance and support to female victimes of violence and domestic abuse. They can also provide recommendations and referrals to individuals, professional and specialists who can provide reliable and sympathetic professional assistance.
SAVE our Women Inc., makes room for men too, realizing that both women and men afterall are trapped in the gender roles and stereotypes dictated upon by a lot of factors from traditions to dictates of soceity in general and media in the particular. As such,m SAVE our Women Inc., recently launched the white ribbon campaign — a project at it’s infancy which aims to involve not just women but men as well in the fight agaisnt VAWC.

As per their SEC registration, the SAVE our Women, Inc., is barely two months olds. After mass from the Cathedral or while shopping at Porta Vaga if you happen to be in Session – swing by the 3rd Floor of Porta Vaga to learn more about SAVE Our Women., Inc.
And in case you just might have a story or a query to share… feel free to do so rest assured that all these info will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Over coffee or in between breaks — take time to meet women (and hopefully men too) who are ready to listen and speak about the unspeakable.