Here are a few more Q and As on the Solo Parent’s Welfare Act. May all these answer help in securing the ID, leaves and other package of services available. The processing will take a while but the seven days additional leave is gonna be worth it. Note that one can avail of the leave even without an ID yet (for they are not issued automatically), as long as there is a certification of eligibility issued by the social worker. Visit the website of DSWD for more information.

Q. What are the Steps Necessary to Avail the Package of Services
A. A solo parent shall apply for a Solo Parent Identification Card (Solo Parent ID) from the City/Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office. Once the solo parent ID is issued by the city/municipal social welfare and development officer, a solo parent can apply for services he/she needs from the C/MSWD office or to specific agencies providing such assistance/services.

Q. What are the requirements in securing a solo parent ID ?
A. (1) Barangay certificate residency in the area (2) documents /evidence that the applicant is a solo parent (e.g. death certificate of spouse, declaration of nullity of marriage, medical certificate (if incapacitated) (3) ITR or certification for the brgy./municipal treasurer

Q. What document/proof will I present if I have a child or de facto separation from my wife/husband?
A. A Certificate issued by the Barangay Captain indicating the circumstances of one’s being a solo parent.

Q. If I file the application, can this be secured right away?
A. No, the social worker has to complete first the assessment/evaluation of the solo parents situation. ID is issued after 30 days of filing. The validity of the ID is one year.

Q. In case of transferee ?
A. Applicant should seek first clearance from former Barangay where he/she will surrender his/her ID issue to him/her.

Q. If ID is not yet available at the C / Municipal level?
A. The Social Worker can issue a certification of eligibility, provided the assessment process is completed.

Q. Can one avail of Parental leave even without a Solo Parents ID?
A. As long as there is a certification of eligibility issued by the Social Worker.

Q. Is parental leave retroactive since the effectivity of the law was last November 2000?
A. No, Parental leave is non-cumulative and can be availed only during the current year. Further, it can only be availed after the issuance of the Solo Parents ID.

Q. If the LGU is not yet issuing solo parent ID, how can a Solo Parent avail of services particularly the parental leave?
A. A certification of eligibility issued by the social worker can be presented meantime that the ID is not yet available. However, the certification of eligibility can only be issued once the assessment/evaluation of the situation of solo parent is completed.

Q. Is the 7 day parental leave apart from the existing 3 days special leave?
A. The law clearly indicates that the granting of the 7 days parental leave is or top of the 3 day special leaves and other mandatory leave benefits.

Q. Can Solo Parents avail of maternity leave?
A. There is no provision in the law that there is a maternity leave for the Solo Parents, however, other laws can be applied.

Q. If I have already been issued an ID, where will I go to avail the benefits?
A. A solo parent can directly inquire from the following agencies for the availment of services

  • Health Services (DOH)
  • Educational Services (CHED, TESDA)
  • NHA (Housing)
  • Parental Leave (Employee of solo parent, DOLE, CSC)

Q. Are there any educational benefits for children who are in high school or elementary?
A. None, High School and Elementary education are free in public schools. CHED and TESDA only offer the study grant program and scholarship for college/tertiary/vocational to Solo Parents and their children who are living below poverty threshold.

Q. Are there Income Generating Project or livelihood programs?
A. Concerned agencies like DSWD, TESDA and DOLE provide skills development and livelihood program.

Q. What are the other programs / services?
A. Other services included in the comprehensive program consist of health, housing, and psychosocial services as well as livelihood and skills development program. A solo parent can directly inquire from the agencies concerned the requirement for the availment of services