Junking Murphy’ Law

They say that there is such a thing as Murphy’s Law – that which mandates that if something will go wrong it will. 

Ordinarily people would describe it as the worst week ever. Murphy’s law was simply everywhere.  I practically lost it all last week.  I received a losing verdict and a letter from nowhere.  To my surprise, despite the inevitable lost, was an overwhelming sense of equanimity.  But no(!) — to top it all off, I lost my one and only fancy bag – with everything on it. 

When I say everything, I mean practically everything of temporal and material importance.

(1) my one and only fancy bag (a birthday gift from a lady lawyer with a vast collection of fabulous bags)
(2) my N series mobile phone (and it’s contacts and other contents)      
(3) the her on what was our his and hers wallet
(4) an heirloom watch (I don’t generally wear watches, but it is my uncle’s bday gift)   
(5) my favorite perfume for the season (another gift from the coolest aunt in the world)
(6) everything! Cards, precious pictures of friends and
family and limited cash in my wallet
(7) a bracelet from the one I love

I was in between travels.  The quick stop to Baguio was scheduled to get fresh clothes and to briefly swing by the Justice Hall.  Unfortunately, sleep debt overpowered my presence of mind.  I tried to run after the cab but it was too late.  An attempt to search out leads from the ‘barker’ and other drivers on queue hardly helped.

Then, the loss and it’s implications started to sink in.  I cancelled my phone subscriptions and all my cards over the phone.  An hour after the fact, I was already in the middle of acceptance and moving on – licking wounds and realizing further the ‘trivial’ value of the items that I lost.

Then my second phone (luckily, I forgot my 24/7 unlimited text and call mobile in my flat over the weekend) rang.  He introduced himself as the taxi operator, informing me that his driver found my bag in his taxi.  A ray of light!  A second chance to get them back. 

Coordinating our schedules was a challenge.  I am en route to Baguio in a few hours, while Mr. Guieb is off on a business trip.  As I write, I have not gotten hold of the fancy bag and it’s contents.  But my dear bunso brother and Mr. Guieb, met up last night for the turnover. 

I thank Mr. Gil Aquino, the taxi driver who found my bag and his operator – they were not only instrumental in recovering my bag.  The gesture affirmed yet again my faith in the goodness of man.   

 And there’s more – Ateneo slip past Archers in an OT game.  In the words of Norman Black, they guys had a lot of desire and hunger. [lifted from the Inquirer news bit].  And it showed on how they played.  I could not even get enough of the game; I was still up on my toes while watching a replay.  The best news ever! I woke up with a silly grin on my face.

Perhaps my week started with Murphy’s Law on the lead, but faith, hope and love – ruled above all.
Faith in the goodness of man
Hope that the blue Eagles will make it this season.
& Love – hmm res ipsa loquitur …

Faith, hope and love, and the greatest of which is love.