Wet, Wet, Wet  (some thoughts when you’re column is tragically overdue)

       Wet, Wet, Wet was a band that made it big in the ‘90s.  They popularized the song or should I say the song popularized them?  Anyhow, they are best remembered by the song Love is All Around.  A line of or tow of the lyrics goes…

                                           I feel it on my fingers

                                             I feel it on my toes

                                      That love is all around me… 

            The It being – love that is.   Now what are we getting at here?  Thing is, the band has been on mind and that particular song since last week.  For if Baguio’s wet wet wet season were to be described – the song and the band behind it perfectly captures the wetness of the season.

            What else is new with the season?  It is after all the time of the year of when one’s prepared not to see the sun, not even a glimpse of it for weeks, or even months.  What makes this wet wet wet season in Baguio peculiar is rains has been so happening that they really are on my fingers, my toes, my leaking rooftop and my oh my so just so all around me. 

            They rains are so here there and everywhere.  There is no escaping it.  Not even leaving town can spare you from the showers.  Metro Manila is not as wet but the skies are by default generally overcast.  Should you go further south and lower (or downer for that matter and where I should be next week), the concerns become even more complicated.  Not only are there rains they come with oil spills to boot.

          Now that I’ve mentioned it, there are campaigns to collect scrap and spare sponges.  Sponges they say can help in the clean up in Guimaras.  Now, can one consider boycotting that particular oil company?  They may not be directly liable for the spill but in the interest of corporate social responsibility, neither are they aggressively addressing the issues that they indirectly contributed to.

          Enough of the southern troubled seas for now.  Back to overcast skies in Baguio.  When will we truly feel the warm embrace of the sun again?  Heat waves are up and burning in some parts of Europe.  We’d rather be wet wet wet than burning hot hot hot for sure.  But as a try to beat this deadline, the rays of the sun had been playing peek a boo punctuated with quick showers in between.

         The ber brrr months are just around the corner. The last few days of August are up.  Bewares, Christmas songs will soon hit the radios.  Will it be brrr wet wet wet or just brr brrr brr?  This is still MaryaMaria turned weather girl for the week.  Until next… Happy birthday secret.