Friedrich Nauman Foundation (FNS) conducts ‘Express Yourself! Reloaded.’ It is a three day hands-on workshop on Blogging and Podcasting as political communication tool. The workshop that starts today, gathers professionals, politicized communication officers, novice and old time bloggers mainly from all over the Philippines plus Korea and Indonesia.

Veteran Pinoy bloggers Manolo Quezon III and Abe Olandres lectures on the importance of blogging as a polical tool and the basics of blogging respectively. FNS Resident Representative Dr. Ronald Meinardus, a blogger himself, shared some advice on basic editorial guidelines for creating high-impact blog content.


Express Yourself! Reloaded A hands on Worksho on Blogging and Podcasting as Political Communcation Tools express yourself

Workshop Objectives:
1. Participants have an overview of best practices in the field of blogging and podcasting with a special emphasis on the Philippine political context.
2. Participants appreciate the potential power of blogs and podcasts as basically uncensored communications tools.
3. Participants understand the importance of a clear message that defines their online publishing.
4. Participants are familiar with the basic editorial and writing guidelines regarding online communications and apply them
5. Participants are able to produce and maintain their own blogs and podcasts.
6. Participants are familiar with marketing tools for blogs and podcasts.

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